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Solar Run Became Lighting Global Program Associate on Sep. 3rd

The Lighting Global program and its regional affiliate programs – Lighting Africa and Lighting Asia – all work to build markets capable of bringing high quality, affordable modern off-grid lighting products to off-grid consumers. Supporting client companies to expand markets for their quality-verified products is a cornerstone of this work.

Client companies become our Program Associates after one or more of their products meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards and the company passes our due diligence screening.

There are two categories of Associates: developers/manufacturers of products that have met the Lighting Global Quality Standards, and distributors of these products. Associates receive global and country-based Associate Services including privileged access to market intelligence reports, business to business linkages, facilitation of access to finance, participation in consumer education campaigns, and general business development support.

We had become Lighting Global Program Associate from September 03rd, 2020. We already have 11 products finish the testing and meet with Lighting Global Quality standard and another 3 family products under testing. These products range from pico (solar reading light, solar torch) to multi-light kit, even to Solar home system to run household appliances (like TV, fan, fridge, barbing kit, sewing machine, etc). We will put more and more energy and effort into promoting the rapid development of the off-grid solar industry together with Lighting Global Program.

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