Solar Home System

off grid solar system


The Most Effective Solar Home System

Solar Run SR32 is the most effective solar home system(SHS), it can power whatever you want! This efficient energy solution includes a 150W solar panel, super portable battery charger, three light points.

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solar home lighting system


Simple Solar Home Lighting System

Solar Run SR25 solar home lighting system is just for home lighting and mobile charging. This solar home system includes a portable solar panel, a mobile-charging power bank and four led bulbs. For families with a small budget, it is the ideal choice.

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solar home ligthing system


The Most Economical and Practical Solar Home System

Solar Run K088 is the most economical and practical solar home system. This solar energy solution includes a solar panel, mobile-charging battery pack, four light points.

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Best Choice for Home Lighting and Off-Grid Projects

1.Equipped with high-quality LiFePO4 battery: Can be used more than 2000 charge cycles, and the service life is more than five years.
2.Powerful system that powers TVs and fans, and can supply three bulbs for 8~24 hours.

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solar home system

Pop Box(SR06)

Small Box, Big Power!

The Solar Run SR06 Solar Home System is the best choice of solar lighting product for your home and business. This off-grid solar system includes a portable solar panel, portable solar charger power bank, three light points including a super bright tube Light and two solar led bulbs.

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Most Powerful Mobile Phone Charging Station

It is designed for people to provide phone charging services. In off-grid areas especially rural places, it is hard for people to charge their phones. Some people need to go far away to get their phone

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