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Solar Run, At a Glance

Solar Run Energy is a leading provider of one-stop solar solutions for off-grid area.We design and manufacture Lighting Global Verasol-Certified products (with/without PAYGo) from low-power pico-lights that replace kerosene lamps to high-power solar home systems that power multiple home appliances and productive use equipments.
We commit ourselves to improving the lives of people in off-grid areas.

Lives Empowered
Off-grid Family
Save Money
Tons of CO₂ Offset

Our CEO Li Xia

Xia Li, a mother of three children, grew up in a poor rural area of China, dedicating herself to serving the impoverished to the best of her ability. Since 2009, Xia’s companies has impacted the lives of more than 70 million individuals, averaging around 4 million beneficiaries annually, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Solar Media Change Life

The Solar Media pilot has been implementing in Kenya since 2022, directly impact more than 3000 local villigers by the end of 2023. Here is one the stories shows how does Solar Media change life.

Rehema Yusuf is a mother of 3 children, and she had no job or income. Through solar media, she learned hairdressing and other skills. Now she can make money by doing other people’s hair and is able to better support her children.

Pay As You Go

We have integrated with 5 main PAYGO platforms including Angaza, Paygee, OpenPaygo, Kpay, and Paygro offering a wide choice for our distributors. Also, integrated with 21 mobile money platforms for different customer needs.

Our products carry with 2-3 years warranty, and provide maintenance, after-sales service together with our wide distribution channels in different countries.

Featured Products

Our suite of high-quality products serves 55 million people without reliable access to electricity.



Brightening Futures Together!

? Brightening Futures Together! ?Exciting news! Solar Run Energy is teaming up with the China Foundation for Rural Development (CFRD) for the Solar Light Project. We’re providing

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