Mbox - The Most Complete Home Solar Energy Systems

The Solar Run Mbox big solar home system is the ideal power grid for your home or business, bundled with lights and useful accessories. <More>

YelloBox-PAYGo Solar Home System

Change your life: People live in off-grid areas, they use kerosene lamps or candles for lighting. The brightness is low and it is easy to cause a fire. People also need to go out and buy fuel from time to time. For families with a large population, they need to buy...... <More>

Apollo-PAYGo Solar Home System

1.Equipped with high-quality LiFePO4 battery: Can be used more than 2000 charge cycles, and the service life is more than five years.
2.Powerful system that powers TVs and fans, and can supply three bulbs for 8~24 hours.<More>

ClassicBox-PAYGo Solar Home System

Designed for low-income families to get access to lighting and phone charging in an affordable way.

PayGo function allows the buyer to pay in installments and reduces their financial burden...... <More>

PhoneMate-PAYGo Solar Phone Charger Station

It is designed for people to provide phone charging services. In off-grid areas especially rural places, it is hard for people to charge their phones. Some people need to go far away to get their phone ......<More>