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YelloBox-Paygo Solar Home System

Change your life: People live in off-grid areas, they use kerosene lamps or candles for lighting. The brightness is low and it is easy to cause a fire. People also need to go out and buy fuel from time to time. For families with a large population, they need to buy...... <More>

ClassicBox-Paygo Solar Home System

Designed for low-income families to get access to lighting and phone charging in an affordable way.

PayGo function allows the buyer to pay in installments and reduces their financial burden...... <More>

Apollo-Paygo Solar Home System

1.Equipped with high-quality LiFePO4 battery: Can be used more than 2000 charge cycles, and the service life is more than five years.
2.Powerful system that powers TVs and fans, and can supply three bulbs for 8~24 hours.<More>

PhoneMate-Paygo Solar Phone Charger Station

It is designed for people to provide phone charging services. In off-grid areas especially rural places, it is hard for people to charge their phones. Some people need to go far away to get their phone ......<More>