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How To Store Food In Hot Climates?

Recently, hot summer in North Hemisphere is widespread discussed. And the electricity cost is still high, many areas cannot afford the bill for air condition and some other cooling appliances. Under such a situation, how to keep daily food fresh is a problem many people need to face.
Here, we will share 3 ways to help you.

Seal It
You can eliminate two threats in one by dehydrating your food, and then vacuum sealing it. The dehydration obviously takes care of most of the moisture, and the vacuum sucks all the air out of it
Can It
Traditional canning in mason jars is probably one of the best-known food preservation techniques, and one that has been used successfully for a very long time. Pressure canners allow you to can a wider variety of food than traditional water bath canning since it seals the food at a higher temperature.
Freeze It
The most obvious way to get rid of heat is to freeze your food stores. You will not need to remove the air, though it may still be helpful to vacuum seal food in order to prevent freezer burn. Light and moisture are non-issues as well.
If you are worried about if a blackout occurs? Therefore, we recommend our solar drive fridge, which could help you to make sure frozen food is not bothered by the inconvenience caused by the power off.


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