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PAYGO——Paying in small installments

Pay-as-you-go(PAYGO): Companies sell services or products to customers through a pre-paid model. In case of products, PAYGO is a kind of paying in small installments to persons that cannot afford or are not willing to buy products in cash. Under PAYGO, the companies not only provide product and services but also the necessary finance to consumers. Customers usually pay 10-20% as upfront cost and rest as loan over a period of 1-2 year. For PAYGO, it may take more than 3 years to convert product inventory into cash flow.

Solar Run has been corporate with 4 main paygo platforms in Africa, Angaza, Kpay, PaygOps, Paygee, etc. Our Apollo and Yellowbox are welcomed in different markets, paygo helps off-grid people get access to electricity.


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