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Solar Run Energy Empowers Sustainable Solutions at COP28, Paving the Way for a Brighter Future

In December 2023, Solar Run Energy, a leading provider of one-stop solar solutions, was honored to be an active participant in multiple forums and events at COP28, demonstrating our commitment to driving positive change in the global energy landscape.

Solar Run Energy joined forums such as the Renewable Resources South-South Cooperation Forum, the China-Africa Dialogue on Renewable Energy South-South Cooperation Pathways and Innovative Actions, the Low-Carbon Development and Shenzhen Pioneer events hosted by the Shenzhen Ecology and Environment Bureau, and an exclusive evening hosted by Tencent and LONGi.

(Solar Run Energy’s CEO, Li Xia, at COP28 )

Our engagement at COP28 focused on sharing our practical experiences in advancing new energy initiatives in Africa. With a focus on providing effective solar solutions for underserved, off-grid areas with limited access to electricity, we emphasized the importance of getting product design right and working closely with local partners. Our commitment to innovative design, localized manufacturing, and the establishment of local ecosystems aligns with the evolving needs of users and represents a crucial direction for future sustainable development.

(Solar Run Energy’s CEO, Li Xia, speaking at the SDG7 Pavilion at COP28 )

One of the highlights was our participation in the COP28 China Pavilion, where we proudly represented Shenzhen companies. We shared insights on China-Africa cooperation, illustrating how everyone can have access to clean energy. We discussed leveraging China’s experience and technology to drive industrialization in Africa, emphasizing the importance of localized manufacturing and sales. The opportunity to reconnect with old friends and stakeholders further strengthened our commitment to fostering international cooperation.

(Solar Run Energy’s CEO, Li Xia, speaking at the China Pavilion at COP28 )

We were privileged to attend the “Longi Night”, an exclusive event showcasing technological leadership in the solar energy sector. It was truly inspiring to witness the technological breakthroughs and efficiency improvements in the solar sector. These advancements will undoubtedly lower the cost of widespread new energy adoption, paving the way for larger-scale applications and encouraging a sustainable future.

(Li Xia with New Energy Nexus’s CEO Danny Kennedy)

(Li Xia with LONGi’s Founder&President Li Zhenguo)

Reflecting on our participation in COP28, we find that each engagement brings valuable insights. The increasing global awareness of environmental issues, the emergence of diverse solutions, and the growing involvement of young minds in international discussions indicate a positive trajectory. The numerous collisions and fusions of ideas during the conferences further highlight the expanding opportunities between China and Africa.

(Solar Run Energy’s products as exhibits at COP28)

As Solar Run Energy, founded in 2016, we remain steadfast in our commitment to provide reliable, affordable, and sustainable one-stop solar solutions for off-grid areas. Having served 5.4 million people in 63 countries and achieved a carbon reduction of one million tons, our commitment is unwavering. With over $1.8 million invested in R&D and nearly $1.2 million spent on various quality certifications, including 59 products certified by the World Bank’s Lighting Global (now Verasol), we stand as a global leader in the renewable energy sector. Our adherence to ISO9001, ISO14001, and Quality Management System certifications underscores our commitment to excellence.

Looking ahead, Solar Run Energy is ready to capitalize on the experience gained at COP28. Our focus remains on expanding our impact, collaborating with local partners, and driving innovation to meet the evolving needs of communities around the world. We are optimistic about the future and will continue to actively contribute to global initiatives for a sustainable and cleaner world.

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