Ubox(SR25) - Simple Solar Home Lighting System

Solar Run SR25 solar home lighting system is just for home lighting and mobile charging. This solar home system includes a portable solar panel, a mobile-charging power bank and four led bulbs. For families with a small budget, it is the ideal choice.<More>

Fiefly(SR07) - Candles and kerosene lamps killer

Solar Run SR07 is a solar reading light designed for kids who live lack electricity or an Unstable power area. This solar light price is less than $3, it's really affordable. It prolongs the study time at night and also protects the health of children. <More>

Pop Box(SR06) - Small Box, Big Power!

The Solar Run SR06 Solar Home System is the best choice of solar lighting product for your home and business. This off-grid solar system includes a portable solar panel, portable solar charger power bank, three light points including a super bright tube Light and two solar led bulbs. <More>

Solar Torch Lights(SR02) - Multi-function Solar flashlight

Solar Run SR02 Solar Torch is a multi-function solar flashlight. This solar torch flashlight equiped with solar reading light and Micro USB Charging. This solar torch meets Lighting Global quality standards..<More>

BC-90 Solar Run House Appliance for store food and drink Fridge

The Solar Run BC-90 Solar Powered Home Mini Refrigerator DC 12V Portable Energy-Saving 90L Mini Fridge for Cold Drink Keep Fresh of Vegetable Fruit.<More>

WeLite(SR12) - Smart Light

The Solar Run SR12 smart light system is a good power solution for your home and business. It includes a portable solar panel, a solar led bulb, remote control and a portable solar lantern. Start a new life with smart lighting with Welite.<More>