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Solar Run Solar Home Power System in Ivory Coast

Ivorian children gathered to watch TV

This is children in Ivory Coast, Africa, sitting around and watching TV happily.


We have seen the backward infrastructure and the poor living environment. Poverty is one aspect. We have also seen the curiosity and love of children. It is the extreme desire for information, knowledge, and new things, and the exploration and thirst for the outside world, and expectations for the future.


There are 7 billion people in the world, 800 million people live in the dark, and nearly 700 million people live in Africa.


Although Côte d’Ivoire is the country with the highest level of urbanization in West Africa, its electrification rate is only 58% (data in 2018). The local poor can only rely on the most primitive lighting methods (such as candles and kerosene lamps). The methods are inefficient, uneconomical, unhealthy, harmful to the environment, and risk of fire. Moreover, the cost of these candles and kerosene lamps also takes up 23% of their income, seriously affecting the quality of life.

Use kerosene lamps for lighting

Solar Run has been helping poor people in areas without electricity to use healthy, reliable, and cost-effective solar lighting products. It has provided solar lighting products to more than 117,000 people in 55 countries in off-grid areas. The solar products produced by our company meet the Lighting Global quality standards (Lighting Global is the World Bank Group’s platform to support the sustainable growth of the international off-grid lighting market).

Last November, our local distributor took the Solar Run solar home system and solar lantern products to households in off-grid areas. While meeting the basic lighting needs, and considering their pursuit of a better life, we also took them Apollo, a solar product that supports Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG). It is a solar energy system product that can be paid in installments. It is a solar home system that can be afforded by low-income families. Also, it supports both lighting, mobile phone charging, and other small household appliances, which eases the trouble caused by the local summer heat. At the same time, it meets more of their living and entertaining needs.


Here below are some feedbacks from the end-users and our distributor.

After our products were sold to Côte d’Ivoire, the local people were very satisfied with the solar-powered products.

English translation is as follows

The image quality of the TV is indeed appreciated by our customers.


English translation is as follows

Our code reset is perfect and customers are satisfied because it is the perfect market kit. thank you very much.

Good morning. Has the product been unlocked?

Hello, how are you? Yes, the product has been successfully unlocked.


English translation is as follows

Hello, how are you? I am currently performing tasks in the country.
These villages are usually powered by kerosene lamps and candles, but solar energy is currently widely used in villages far away from the grid.


Experience of local residents:
● “Without it, I cannot cook in the dark. It brings convenience to our family.”
● “Solar lamps save a lot of expenses for our family, which are more cost-effective than the kerosene lamps used before, and make our house very bright.”
● “This TV has brought a lot of joy to our family and learned a lot of outside information.”
● “Now our family not only has the light, but also can use it to watch TV, and also supports some small household appliances, which is so convenient for us.”


Let’s learn about Pay-As-You-Go together~

1. What is Pay-As-You-Go?

It is a solar product that provides a full range of solutions for distributors and end customers and can be paid in installments.

2. Three product lines of Pay-As-You-Go:

(1) PAYG solar small home lighting system:

Let people enjoy brighter lighting, entertainment, etc. under the premise of prepayment without economic pressure.

(2) PAYG system and household appliances:

In order to meet people’s growing needs, in addition to lighting and mobile phone charging, we have also added high-efficiency DC fans and DC TVs to the system, and are equipped with AC output, aiming to make people’s lives better The better.

(3) Productive solar system with PAYG:

In order to improve the lives of local people, we designed solar cell phone charging stations, solar hair clippers, solar sewing machines, etc. to help them increase their income.

3. Advantages of Pay-As-You-Go:

Reduce lighting expenditures and occupy a small proportion of household income: For the end-user, he can pay in a few months, a year, or even three years. So he can use the money for learning, improving his life, and other investments.


In the future, we will continue to help poverty-stricken areas in Africa by lighting up every family with solar lights!

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