Why Solar Home System Quality Standard is Important?

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In the end-selling market, people always see the same configuration products with alike appearance but have a huge price gap. Also, this situation happens when solar products distributors purchase devices from manufacturers—they don’t know why the same figure on the datasheet but the quotations are totally different until they sell the sleazy items and receive … Read more

An Overview of Solar Home System

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Brief introduction of solar home system Solar home system: SHS (Solar Home System). Mainly refers to the small photovoltaic power generation system installed in office buildings and residential buildings to supply power to the residents themselves. During the day, the power generation system charges the battery; in the evening, the power generation system discharges the electric … Read more

How to Take Care of Your Solar Home Systems?

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Sometimes we were asked by customers why their solar home system works shorter than it should be when it is fully charged? How to make my solar products working longer? To answer these questions, we should know about the common features of solar home systems. Usually, it is made of solar panel, controller with battery, … Read more

What is An Inverter?

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1. Introduction There are two kinds of electricity, DC and AC. Homes that are connected to utility power use AC electricity. Flashlights, small radios and automobiles use DC electricity. In order for you can use solar to operate the appliances, an inverter will convert PV power from DC to AC. Inverters can be further classified as … Read more

Solar Cold Chain Provides Fresh Cold Storage Solution for Sub-Saharan Region

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A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. An unbroken cold chain is an uninterrupted series of refrigerated production, storage and distribution activities, along with associated equipment and logistics, which maintain quality via a desired low-temperature range. It is used to preserve and to extend and ensure the shelf life of products, such as fresh agricultural produce, seafood, frozen food, photographic film, chemicals, and pharmaceutical products. … Read more

Many Hard Lessons Ahead in Great Green Economy Gambit

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By Wang Wen A global battle for a green and low-carbon economy is quietly taking place. This is yet another big 2020 event that could not have been anticipated. The United Nations and relevant countries held the Climate Ambition Summit on Saturday to mark the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement and to further mobilize … Read more

Why Solar Power is the Major Trend in African Market?

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In sub-Saharan Africa, nearly 600 million Africans have no electricity at all, so from the satellite images taken at night, the entire area is living in darkness. Meantime, Africa’s population is expected to be home to over a quarter of the global population by 2050. The growing population is putting increasing stress on energy grids. … Read more

PAYGo Solar Home System in Africa

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Overview In 2000, about 1.3 million households in developing countries used solar home systems (SHSs). In 2018, the number grew to over 4 million households. This equals an annual growth of 23% since 2012. The sector’s growth since 2010 has been impressive. McKinsey expects up to 150 million households will benefit from SHS by 2020 (market potential). … Read more

What is the Pay-as-you-go.

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What is PAYG (Pay-as-you-go) model? PAYG (Pay-as-you-go) is a system in which a person pays for the costs of something when they occur rather than before or afterward to facilitate payment by installments. The package usually includes a home solar system that customers pay for using mobile payment technologies and mobile phone credit.   Benefits ➜Improve energy access in off-grid areas ➜ … Read more

Global Off-Grid Solar Home System Market Semi-Annual Sales Report

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SHS, larger, higher-cost products of wattage 11+Wp, recorded sales of 563,000 units in the first half of 2020. This is a 32% decrease compared to the second half of 2019, where a new sales record was reached at 830,000 units, and a 17% reduction compared to the first half of 2019. The 50-100 Wp systems … Read more