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New Solar Project to Expand Electricity Access in Chad

French-based renewable energy firm InnoVent is constructing a 5 MW solar power project in Abéché in eastern Chad – the country’s first-ever solar facility. With access to electricity currently standing at a mere 8%, the solar project represents an important step towards increasing access and kickstarting socioeconomic growth.

First electricity from the project was delivered to the national grid in December last year. With the project set to be fully operational by 2023, the country is confident that an influx in renewable energy investments and developments will soon follow.

The solar project represents an important development in Chad, but particularly for Abéché city with a population of over 80,000 people, none of whom are connected to the national grid.

With electricity predominantly produced from diesel-powered generators, the solar project will trigger a new era of sustainable access, while enabling a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Having developed similar projects in Senegal, Morocco and Zambia, among other African countries, InnoVent is well positioned to drive solar project developments in Chad.

Currently, the north-central African country has one of the lowest electricity access rates worldwide but with renewable energy developments now gaining momentum, the government aims to transform the power sector on the back of clean energy projects, such as InnoVent’s.

Source: Energy Capital Power

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