Solar Run launched large SHS for powering more home appliances beyond TV and fan

In 2019, focusing on service from the user’s perspective, Solar Run launched large solar home system, aiming to deliver bigger capacity of the electricity services, to enable off-grid people receive affordable, reliable and safe electricity solutions beyond running TV and fan. In the future, Solar Run is innovating more appliances powered by SHS, such as PC, refrigerator, air conditioner etc.

Solarun Mbox Pay as you go home solar energy system
Solarun Mbox Pay as you go home solar energy system

Solar Run believes everyone deserves a wonderful life. We believe one day off-grid people could enjoy the same life quality with electrified ares people do.

Feedback from Kenyan customer for new product

Solar Run has received the picture of the latest product Mbox from our customer in Kenya. With the increasing demand of the life quality of African people, more powerful solar home systems which are able to run home appliances like TV and Fan become hot in the market. Therefore, “Mbox” is launched in September 2019.


Solarun Mbox Solar Power Home System
Solarun Mbox Solar Power Home System

Equipped with the highest quality LiFePO4 battery, Mbox’s lifespan can be up to 5 years. Meanwhile it can power several super bright bulbs, HD television and pedestal fan together to 10 hours. “It’s the most powerful and multifunctional solar home system I’ve seen in the market” one of our Kenyan customers said.

Not only powerful, Solar Run has never forgotten the affordability of off-grid people, so the Pay-as-you-go function available exactly provide financial solution to people who want to enjoy more comfortable life.

“Everyone deserves a better life.” is the reason why we develop Mbox. We hope to bring more happiness to the folks in non-electrification areas with our steady efforts.

Lighting Global China liaison Mr. Hui and Media Operation Manager Ms. Hu visited Solar Run

On October 24, 2019,The World Bank- Lighting Global Project China area liaison Mr. Hui, and the Media Operation Manager Irene Hu, have conducted research and sharing meetings on the solar industry in Solar Run Energy Co., Ltd. Our Sales Director, Project Manager and International Trade Team participate in the reception

Linghting Global
Lighting Global China liaison Mr. Hui

Solar Run has most products meet Lighting Global quality standard(IEC62257-9-5), and this meeting will help us further bring our products up to the highest international standards and better serve people in off-grid areas.
Mr. Hui, spoke highly of our participation in Lighting Global’s marketing practices and elaborated on the market value and development direction of Lighting Global to our international trade sales team. Ms. Irene Hu highly appreciated our outstanding achievements in product design and quality control through the research and comparison of our products, as well as the communication with our technical team.

Mr. Hui from Lighting Global
Lighting Global China liaison Mr. Hui

Solar Run has always been positioned as an industry leader, focusing on product research and development and upgrading. Through the connection with Lighting Global project and the corresponding market feedback, Solar Run has launched the most recognized high-quality solar household products, making unremitting efforts to solve the backward situation in the world without electricity.

Lighting Global China liaison Mr. Hui
Lighting Global China liaison Mr. Hui

New Items MBOX-Super Solar Power Home System.

Solar Run provides a reliable, economical and environmentally friendly integrated solar home solution for off-grid areas in the world,and Solarun’s many product is IFC & Lighting Global Quality Standard Certified .
We believe our newest items: Mbox can provide excellent benefits to your.


MBOX Features:
* Supports Pay As You Go, enables the consumer to purchase by installments, reduces their financial burden.
* Long lifespan. Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with 2000 times deep charging cycles (Service life is about 8-10 years).
* Super battery capacity. Multiple capacities available (18Ah/24Ah/36Ah), ensuring its long working time for many family device.

Solarun MBOX-Supwer Solar Power Home System
Solarun MBOX-Supwer Solar Power Home System

* Lights up 4 rooms or places at the same time.
* 2 High power output port for driving Fan and TV.
* 2 USB output for mobile device charging.
* Rechargeable flashlight with reading light. Good choice for reading and studying.
* Rechargeable radio, supports FM/AM/SW frequencies.
* LCD screen, shows the working status of the product.
* Short circuit protection. Overcharge and over discharge protection.
* Recharges through solar (daytime) or whenever the grid comes back on.
* ABS and aluminum alloy material. Sturdy and durable.