New Items MBOX-Super Solar Power Home System.

Solar Run provides a reliable, economical and environmentally friendly integrated solar home solution for off-grid areas in the world,and Solarun’s many product is IFC & Lighting Global Quality Standard Certified .
We believe our newest items: Mbox can provide excellent benefits to your.


MBOX Features:
* Supports Pay As You Go, enables the consumer to purchase by installments, reduces their financial burden.
* Long lifespan. Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with 2000 times deep charging cycles (Service life is about 8-10 years).
* Super battery capacity. Multiple capacities available (18Ah/24Ah/36Ah), ensuring its long working time for many family device.

Solarun MBOX-Supwer Solar Power Home System
Solarun MBOX-Supwer Solar Power Home System

* Lights up 4 rooms or places at the same time.
* 2 High power output port for driving Fan and TV.
* 2 USB output for mobile device charging.
* Rechargeable flashlight with reading light. Good choice for reading and studying.
* Rechargeable radio, supports FM/AM/SW frequencies.
* LCD screen, shows the working status of the product.
* Short circuit protection. Overcharge and over discharge protection.
* Recharges through solar (daytime) or whenever the grid comes back on.
* ABS and aluminum alloy material. Sturdy and durable.


Solarun Firefly(Lighting Global Quality Standard Model:SR07 ) – won the Red Dot Design product group award.

Solarun Firefly(Lighting Global Quality Standard Model:Model:SR07 ) – More than just the appearance.

Solarun’s Firefly Red Dot Design Version bottle pedestal solar lamp won the Red Dot Design product group award.

Red Dot Design – More than just the appearance.
The Red dot design award was created in 1955 by the famous German design association Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, through product design, communication design and design concept. The competition attracts more than 60 countries each year, and 10,000 works are submitted for submission. The winning works can be exhibited at the Red Dot Museum in Essen, Germany, and the opportunity to participate in the awards ceremony.

SolaRun commit ourselves to improve the life of people who lack of electricity provides reliable, affordable and environmental solar solutions for off-grid areas.
Solarun’s Firefly design is not only beautiful in appearance, but also considers cost savings, environmental protection, top quality, health and low price.
On the material selection, Firefly chooses a high-decomposition material. The product is divided into 2 kinds (20/40 lumens) brightness, which is used in different environments. The core lifting unit that adjusts the height of the illumination is the waste water bottle that can be seen everywhere in the Off-Grid area. At the same time, the best Sunpower solar panels in the industry are used, together with the longest service life battery, enough use for more than 5 years. A small drainage hole has also been designed to ensure that the product will not be damaged by rain and corrosion, which greatly guarantees the service life of the product.

So we call this product: the killer of candles and kerosene lamps.

If your country still has many places to use candles and kerosene lighting, this product will be a good alternative. More money and healthier.

We hope to work with you to do something meaningful for your local people.