Solar Run Solar Home Power System in Côte d’Ivoire

Since our solar home system products were sold to Côte d’Ivoire,

we have been receiving positive feedback from our customer, Surah Energy.

Their users are happy and satisfied with Solar Run products.

Solar Run products meet the Lighting Global quality standards.

They can be used not only for lighting,

but also for charging mobile phones and other electronics.


Solar Run WeLite, the user is the owner of a small shop.


Solar Run Ubox, installed in a building material warehouse.


The Surah team was installing Solar Run YelloBox in the user’s new house.


The Surah team was installing Solar Run Mbox suite in the user’s new house.


Surah signed a cooperation agreement with local agricultural cooperatives

to extend their sales network to rural areas and solve the last mile problem.


In the latest photos of Solar Run Apollo 18 suite feedback, we saw in a village,

a group of children joyfully sitting around and watching the TV which was included in Apollo 18 suite.

TV can help get the latest news and entertainment, or even for educational purposes.


Solar Run will always work on making off-grid people’s life easier and more comfortable.