[PAYGo Solar System For Home]


As the latest generation solar home system of Solar Run, Mbox is the best choice for your home or business. Light up your life from Mbox. This modern and efficient energy solution includes solar panels, mobile rechargeable battery packs, and four 3W LED bulbs (240lm). Upgrade to a modern lifestyle with Solar Run Mbox.

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Features List

Support Pay-as-you-go (Paygo), allows the end-user to purchase on installment, reducing their financial burden.

Battery capacity extendable (up to 12.8V/60Ah) in order to power more household or business appliances.

With an LCD display showing the working status.

Powers tube light up to 8W.

Powers DC TV and fan together. Also, it is able to power a DC fridge, and productive appliances such as hair clippers and sewing machines.

Portable torch, can be used either indoor or outdoor.

The external radio helps to stay up-to-date on important news or relaxing with music.

High-quality product with a 2-year warranty.

Specifications for Mbox

Function Pay-as-you-go,
Home lighting,
Mobile charging,
Outdoor lighting,
Power Fan & TV.
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate, with 2000 times deep charge and discharge cycles.
The lifespan is up to 5 years.
Battery Capacity 12.8V 18000mAh/ 24000mAh/ 30000mAh/ 36000mAh/ 48000mAh/ 60000mAh
Working time 24 hrs with 4 bulbs on
Charging time 4~5 hours under sufficient sunlight
Output 8×12V DC; 2×USB 5V DC
Protection Function Yes
Warranty 2 years
Accessories 60W/ 80W/ 100W/ 150W solar panel;
4×3W LED bulbs (240lm);
2×5-in-1 phone charging cables.
1×DC TV (Optional);
1×DC Fan (Optional).
Apollo Certification