Solar Run Participates In The 2021 Off-Grid Solar Product Technology Seminar

On September 16, the 2021 “Off-grid Solar Product Quality Assurance System and Testing Technology Seminar” was successfully held online. The conference attracted more than 20,000 representatives of related enterprises and social organizations to participate online.

Richard, Product Director of Solar Run and Head of Verasol Product Certification, also spoke on behalf of the conference. He said that “Solar Run is mainly committed to providing clean, affordable and reliable one-stop solar products for poor families living in areas without electricity, and has been sold to 55 Countries and regions have benefited more than 1 million end-users. Solar Run has 17 products that meet VeraSol (formerly known as Lighting Global) quality standards. It is currently the most certified company in China. Of course, this is inseparable from the Verasol team’s concern for Solar Run. Support, help, and understanding. He also mentioned that the benefits of Verasol product certification are mainly reflected in two aspects. One is that the Verasol certification standards are very strict. The quality of Verasol certified products is more guaranteed so that people in areas without electricity can use energy. Reliable solar lighting products; second, all foreign projects need to meet Verasol quality standards before bidding or exporting products, and the product quality is higher, which increases the company’s influence.”

Lighting Global is the platform under which the World Bank Group supports the development of the global off-grid solar energy services market, and includes a portfolio of country-based market development programs. As the manufacturing center of the global off-grid solar market, China will continue to make its own contribution to the realization of the UN SDG7 goals. The successful holding of this seminar has enhanced Chinese off-grid solar companies’ knowledge and understanding of the World Bank’s “Light Up the World” project quality standards and helped Chinese manufacturers produce products that meet the “Lighting Global” quality standards. It is of great significance to improve the lack of electricity and power shortages in poverty-stricken areas around the world and accelerate the realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Solar Run-One-stop Solar Solution Leader
Solar Run-One-stop Solar Solution Leader

Solar Media—Bringing Education To The Last Mile

solar media home system for kids
Waiting for School

A newly released analysis report by UNICEF shows that the first school day of approximately 140 million children worldwide has been postponed due to the COVID-19, and approximately 8 million children have entered the school for the first time in their lives to receive classroom instruction. And waited for more than a year, and will continue to wait.

Executive Director of UNICEF
Executive Director of UNICEF

Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of UNICEF, said: “As classes are resuming in many parts of the world, millions of first-year students can’t wait to enter the campus and see the classroom with their own eyes. They have been waiting for this for more than a year. At the same time, there are still millions of children who may not be able to realize this dream this semester. For the most disadvantaged children, they may not be able to enter the classroom for their entire life. The risk is soaring.”

For students, school closures will not only interrupt their studies, but will also have mental health problems, missed vaccinations, and even drop out of school. What’s more frightening is that they will increase the risk of child labor and child marriage.

Although countries are taking measures to provide children with opportunities for distance learning, at least 29% of elementary school students still do not receive relevant support. (Data source: UNICEF)

In addition to the lack of distance learning resources, insufficient technical support, poor learning environment, high housework pressure or forced work are also many reasons why children cannot participate in distance learning.

solar media home system
Solar Media Home Lighting System (VeraSol certification)

As One-stop Solar Solution Leader, Solar Run developed and designed a product called “Solar Media” (solar education media system) in 2019. This product is very suitable for all kinds of students and children who are unable to learn mentioned above.

What is Solar Media?
Solar Media is a solar product with a 7-inch display screen and disseminating knowledge such as medical education.
1. Light up 3 rooms for 5 hours
2. receive 2 mobile phones at the same time
3. Solar modules are used for 6-8 hours a day
4. 32GB to store electronic files such as videos, music, and books
5. The service life is 5 years
PS: Change the content every two months and update the video ads.

Solar Media user interface and content
Solar Media user interface and content

Why develop Solar Media?

The world’s 600 million people live below the poverty line with a daily income of less than US$2. Among them, 789 million people live in an environment without electricity, 800 million adults are illiterate, of which 64% are female illiterate, and there are nearly 212 million malaria cases in 2019. More than 38 million people are infected with the HIV virus, and the new crown virus is raging around the world. The poor people lack basic knowledge of epidemic prevention and because schools are closed, the information transmission chain cannot reach the last mile.

Based on the above problems, Solar Run has created a solar education media system that allows users to obtain health care information, protect their lives, reduce mortality, and provide basic school education to eliminate illiteracy.

It is better to teach people how to fish than to teach people how to fish. Send education to the last mile and contribute to improving the quality of life of the poor.

Solar Run Energy assists China’s aid to Pakistan International Airport project

Picture Quote: Guangming Net                                         Project Effect Photo

As an international one-stop solar energy solution leader, Solar Run Energy has always been committed to providing affordable and reliable clean solar products and turnkey solutions to people in off-grid areas around the world. So far, Solar Run Energy has provided products and solutions to 187,982 households in 55 countries and more than 1,08482 end-users in 55 countries around the world.

Recently, Solar Run Energy provided a safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient solar energy monitoring power supply system task for the largest foreign aid project in China’s history, the Gwadar New International Airport Project in Pakistan. The project is one of the key projects under the “One Belt, One Road” China-Pakistan Economic Corridor framework, with a total investment of nearly 1.7 billion yuan. The general contractor is Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd. Solar Run Energy’s products and solutions have been recognized and highly praised by the general contractor and the owner.

Construction site photo

After the completion of the new Gwadar International Airport in Pakistan, it will become a modern landmark in the Gwadar region. It will be of great strategic significance to the development of Gwadar. It is an important transportation infrastructure that benefits Gwadar and connects other cities. It is a port and city. Future development will lay a better foundation to further enhance China-Pakistan economic and trade cooperation and further enhance China-Pakistan friendship.

The solar monitoring power supply system of Solar Run Energy is composed of photovoltaic modules, energy storage, and intelligent management solar controllers. The system performs overall remote control and operation and maintenance management of the solar power supply system through the numerical control unit and has the functions of real-time monitoring of the power generation of photovoltaic modules, the power storage of the energy storage site, the power supply voltage and current of the overall system, and real-time alarms. The overall product has the functions of lightning protection, grounding, corrosion protection, and insect protection, which can effectively guarantee the effective operation of the monitoring system equipment.

At present, the project is progressing in an orderly manner. Solar Run Energy will continue to provide strong support for various clean energy projects at home and abroad and strive to bring high-quality solar solutions to people in off-grid areas around the world. Light up the future and be born to the sun!

Solar Run Uses Green New Energy to Combat Climate Change

The World Bank

Not long ago, the World Bank Group announced an ambitious goal: an average of 35% of funds in the next five years must have climate synergies.

This goal replaces the previous five-year goal of reaching 28% by 2020 and strives to ensure that 50% of these funds are used to support climate adaptation and strengthen resilience.

These are two of the many initiatives announced by the World Bank to help developing countries cope with climate change and adapt to its increasingly serious effects.


The World Bank introduction:

The World Bank is a financial institution that provides loans and investment to member countries and promotes the balanced development of international trade.

The World Bank was established in 1945 and is composed of five institution members: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Development Association, the International Finance Corporation, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, and the International Investment Dispute Settlement Center.

The World Bank regards “helping developing countries eradicate poverty and promote sustainable development” as its institutional mission.


World Bank President David Malpass said: “Climate change poses severe challenges to our development work. Poorer countries are most affected by climate events, including floods, droughts, and food insecurity. In addition to increasing climate financing. We are also working hard to achieve the results of countries in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and successfully turning to low-carbon development.”

▲David Malpass, President of the World Bank


The World Bank is working hard to help countries monitor and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By formulating plans and goals, it is committed to helping countries achieve climate and development goals, reduce dependence on coal, and promote a strong, green, and climate-resilient recovery.

Lighting Global

Lighting Global, as an initiative of the World Bank, aims to help nearly 800 million people without electricity in the world obtain electricity, and bring high-quality and affordable modern off-grid lighting to off-grid areas.

So far, nearly 200 million people have benefited from the “Lighting Global Quality” certified solar products, reducing 44.5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, providing solar lighting solutions for the population in areas without electricity around the world, and improving their living standards. Promote the development of green energy.

Solar Runs to Life

As a member of Lighting Global and as a one-stop solar solution provider, Solar Run is committed to providing affordable, clean, and environmentally friendly solar products for off-grid areas. In the past four years, solar home lighting systems have been provided to 180,000 households and over 1 million end-users in 55 countries around the world, bringing hope to the off-grid areas.

▲ Solar lamps light up the lives of families without electricity

Solar Run produces solar products (the company’s 13 products meet the “Lighting Global” quality standard) to help them get rid of traditional lighting (e.g.: candles, kerosene lamps) and helps avoid inhalation of carbon dioxide produced by candles. Respiratory diseases, help avoid fires caused by candles and kerosene lamps.

Solar Run not only uses modern technology and energy to light up the lives of families without electricity but also promotes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in promoting affordable clean energy and taking actions to address climate change and its impact. Has been firmly fulfilling the responsibilities of Chinese private enterprises, providing affordable and clean solar lighting products for areas without electricity, and quietly contributing their own efforts in environmental protection.

Sometimes When We Light — A Brand New Product from Solar Run


有人认为我的火炬 是个好名字,但严格来说,它不是火炬。

有人更喜欢You Lite,但实际上亮灯的人应该使用第一个视角。

有人选择了 I lite  ,但我们认为它无法分辨这台新机器的特殊字符。

然后,我们团队中有人说,为什么不使用We lite呢?不用说是谁的视角,We Lite 也能准确描述双灯远景


Solar Run WeLite SR12 太阳能家用套件太阳能系统

看看这个We lite,由两个独立的照明项目组合而成。最大的是一盏灯笼,从15流明到300流明4级亮度。这种设计使灯笼最多可以工作70小时,而充满电只需要4.5小时。防水功能使灯笼可以在不同环境下轻松使用。 

当我们将视线移到小手电筒上时,惊喜就来了。是的,它是一个真正的手电筒,但也是灯笼的遥控器。您可以使用此手电筒控制 5 米范围内的灯笼。而且遥控手电筒如果放在桌子上也可以当台灯。显然,多功能是设计的初衷。Solar Run推荐一款全能照明产品 ,命名为We lite


更重要的是,We lite已经符合照明全球质量标准。从现在开始,它可以在世界各地的市场和商店中找到,特别是在获得照明全球项目支持的发展中国家 

Solar Run WeLite SR12 in Ivory Coast Solar Home Kit 太阳能系统



作为全球离网太阳能解决方案提供商,Solar Run已经为55个发展中国家的9万多个家庭提供了太阳能解决方案。Solar Run 提供多样化的产品组合,包括 pico、太阳能家庭系统、现收现付系统 (PAYG)和微电网解决方案。太阳能供电的电视、风扇、冰箱和水泵等更多电器旨在满足离网人群的更多需求,以取代传统的有害且昂贵的煤油和蜡烛。

太阳能运行看跌期权Ø NE一站式太阳能解决方案的领导者作为公司的使命,这就是为什么新的产品出来,经常根据市场需求每年匹配最终用户的需求。如果您对太阳能电器有什么好的想法或要求,可以改变或改善您的生活,请不要犹豫,通过以下电子邮件告诉