Off-grid energy supply from soalr panel

Being off the grid meant coal oil lamps, an ice box, and a wood stove.

About a third of the people in the world still do not have electricity, and in Africa, it is something like seven out of ten.

Our photo shows Solar Run’s Yellobox in Africa which is used off the grid—but enjoying electrical power from a solar panel. One good thing. These folks will now be able to charge their cell phones.

solar home system

Solar Run becomes one of members of Africa Solar Industry Association

Solar Run has become one of the members of Africa Solar Industry Association, if you want to know more about this association, you can click the link.

Solar Run Energy, based in China, is a company focusing on designing and manufacturing affordable, reliable life-changing solar products with large portfolio of products for different market demands, owning the most Verasol-certified solutions(18). We also work with several renowned software enterprises providing professional pay-as-you-go service, offering affordable payments to end-users. Solar Run has already impacted over 3 million people so far and has worked with distributors in more than 40 countries. We are proud to support our local distributors to be successful by offering them one-stop solutions, stable quality products, and responsible after-sale services and we are also proud to be trusted by government/international projects. We welcome you to work with us to make a better world together.


Candles Killer Help Solar Sister Empower Women Equity

Solar Run is a new energy manufacturing company from China, that focuses on using solar energy to provide one-stop power solutions for people in off-grid areas. While providing electricity, Solar Run is also committed to exploring how to empower women through solar energy, help women improve their living space, help achieve women’s personal development; and provide children with healthier and more effective lighting tools to increase learning time and achieve Academic progress, achieve the change of life trajectory. This is the change that Solar Run, as a responsible international new energy company, has been looking forward to bringing to the world.

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In the process of finding how to effectively develop social change, Solar Sister came to Solar Run’s vision. Solar Sister is an NGO initiated by American entrepreneurs, dedicated to using solar energy products to empower African women to carry out entrepreneurial activities and to provide high-quality and low-cost clean energy to the poorest villages. At present, its sales network is mainly concentrated in Nigeria and Tanzania. Since the NGO originated from the United States, most of the solar products it sells are also supplied by American companies.

Gender equality, energy access, and climate action are three major areas of effort for Solar Sister. Among them, creating gender-equal job opportunities in sustainable energy is the key to realizing the 12 SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, 17 in total) that Solar Sister complies with. The SDGs that Solar Sister complies with include: No poverty, No hunger, good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities, climate action and life on land. Women and sustainable energy make a concrete path to these SDGs.

As Solar Sister points out, it is thanks to the efforts of female entrepreneurs who have joined the local sales network with products such as solar lamps, home solar systems (multiple lamps, cell phone chargers, etc.), cleaning stoves, radios, fans, and water purifiers have gradually spread in communities that lack electrical infrastructure.

The focus of Solar Run in the field of new energy is to provide sustainable green energy solutions for people in off-grid areas. In the past 6 years, the solar lighting products it has sold have reduced carbon emissions by 2.56 million tons globally and contributed to the global ecological environment. The founder of Solar Run is also a woman, and female employees account for more than 50% of the company’s important positions. This also reflects the company’s purpose and original intention to pursue gender equality and provide a higher space for women’s career development. It is in line with SDGs goals and the goals quietly match with Solar Sister.

It is these similarities that give the two institutions the basis for communication, and the same goals allow people on the same path to meet.

After understanding each other, confirming qualifications, trying out samples, discussing cooperation, and after a year of communication, the two parties finally finalized the cooperation matters. For Solar Run, the cooperation with Solar Sister means an important step on the road to women’s empowerment; for Solar Sister, the cooperation with Solar Run means an additional high-quality product supplier.

Solar Run has the most VeraSol-certified products among the global solar lighting companies, and its product quality has been praised and recognized by the World Bank, the United Nations, the Off-Grid Solar Energy Association, sellers, and end-users in developing countries. At the same time, Solar Run successfully applied to join the United Nations Global Compact in 2021, promising the world to abide by the ten business principles in the four areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption advocated by the United Nations Global Compact. However, as a start-up company, Solar Run is still looking for a way to quickly and massively deliver products to people in off-grid areas, making it even more difficult to directly empower women in end users. Send high-quality solar lighting products to the last mile people, find a way to provide development space for poor women, and hope to increase the learning time of children in off-grid areas through the most cost-effective product – SR07, and do a little help for the disadvantaged groups. A small solar lantern may be the icing on the cake for Chinese families, but it is a relief for the population of developing countries without electricity.

With the strength of the good wind, send me to the sky. It is expected that the two sides can achieve more achievements in cooperation fields such as promoting gender equality, women’s empowerment, and new energy promotion, and jointly cooperate internationally to create a future in development.


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Solar Run and Angaza Partner to Bring Reliable Energy Access to Underserved Markets

K088 PAY AS YOU GO Solar Home System

Angaza is excited to partner with Solar Run, manufacturer of reliable and affordable solar solutions for off-grid and under-electrified communities. Solar Run offers a wide range of sustainable products including solar home systems, solar lights, and solar-powered appliances. A majority of their devices are offered through a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) billing model that allows low-income consumers to afford life-changing products through incremental payment plans.

“We are thrilled to announce that Solar Run’s YelloBox (K088) solar home system is now available on the Angaza platform,” said Lesley Marincola, Angaza CEO. “This flexible and durable energy solution is integrated with Angaza for PAYG functionality and provides consumers in emerging markets with an affordable option for meeting their energy needs.”


Founded in 2016, Solar Run has provided high-quality, clean energy products and affordable power solutions to over 1 million people living in areas without reliable access to electricity. Their YelloBox (K088) solar home system is one such product, designed to be the ideal power source for home or business use. This modern, efficient energy solution supports multiple lights simultaneously and includes a solar panel, portable mobile phone charging device, and multifunctional cable.

“There are still over 750 million people worldwide who do not have reliable access to electricity or other sources of clean energy, according to a recent report by World Bank. Solar Run aims to be a leader in closing this energy gap over the next 5 years,” said John Jiang, CEO of Solar Run. “It is a pleasure to partner with Angaza, whose sophisticated PAYG platform will help us reach more underserved markets and achieve this goal faster.”

The benefits of utilizing solar energy over other energy sources are manifold. Solar energy is a cleaner and brighter alternative to kerosene and other fossil fuels that cause environmental pollution and respiratory damage. Solar energy is also cheaper to acquire in the long run than other energy sources that rely on frequent purchases of more expensive (and less versatile) fuels.


K088 PAY AS YO GO Solar Home System
K088 PAY AS YO GO Solar Home System

To satisfy a broad range of energy needs, the YelloBox (K088) comes in a variety of configurations referenced below:

YELLOBOX Pay as you go Solar Home system
YELLOBOX Pay as you go Solar Home system

All models of the YelloBox (K088) come equipped with the following features:

  • PAYG enabled for easy and affordable payments
  • 2-year warranty with maintenance and after sales service
  • 2 USB ports for convenient phone charging
  • Locking design that protects against bulb cable disconnection
  • Bulbs with detachable and anti-drop design
  • Strap for users to hang the main battery unit anywhere
  • Built-in wall light/portable light in the main battery unit
  • 5 meter cable to attach bulbs and solar panel to the main battery unit
  • Meets Lighting Global Quality Standards


  • To learn more about Solar Run’s YelloBox (K088), now available on the Angaza platform, visit the YelloBox product page.
  • To discover how Angaza can help you offer your customers a limitless range of life-changing products, including solar home systems, affordable smartphones, clean cookstoves and more, contact us for a live demo

Solar Street Lights Contribute to World Carbon Neutrality

Climate change is already affecting the entire world, with extreme weather conditions such as drought, heat waves becoming more frequent,a growing number of countries are committing to its“reach peak carbon-dioxide emissions ”and “carbon neutrality”,which shows the resolution of saving energy and protecting the environment.

Solar Run was already on its way !

We are aiming to provide Reliable, Affordable and Sustainable Off-Grid Solar Solutions for BOP(Bottom of the pyramid) people lived in the off-grid areas.

Why we selling Solar street lights ?

1.Using solar energy to save and protect the environment.

2.Safe and reliable to provide continuous and stable performance.

3.Higher quality ensure up to 25-years warranty.

4.Low maintenance cost

The pic:Our overseas salesman Steven is introducing our solar street lamps to the customer's technical leaders.
The pic:Our overseas salesman Steven is introducing our solar street lamps to the customer’s technical leaders.

Solar Run aiming to deliver 1.5 million pieces till 2023, and welcome to work with all of the qualified distributors from all over the world.

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